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Alpha Optimal Lightener

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  • Encourages the eradication of unattractive skin discolorations without the unpleasant side effects
  • Efficiently restores a lightened complexion in a shorter time as compared to conventional whitening formulas
  • Reduces the development of spots and freckles at its source by detecting and blocking melanin-producing signals
  • Ensures excellent hydration control and preserves moisture retention while promoting a matte finish

Be completely captivated by Alpha Optimal Lightener whitening essence which hosts an array of skin-nourishing ingredients. Each component is specially picked for its synergistic ability to stimulate cell regeneration for fairer, smoother skin. Pigmentation is treated at the root, by preventing melanin from developing at its source. Most importantly, this whitening essence also targets existing melanin deposits by shattering them. As a result, it reveals a clear white complexion in a shorter time. For best results, use in combination with Alpha Illuminator.

Every morning and evening, apply over thoroughly cleansed and toned face and neck. Combine with Alpha Illuminator for optimum skin brightening.

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