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Lumi Cleansing Wash

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  • Thoroughly removes all makeup, impurities and dead skin cells
  • Lightens skin and leaves it with a refined, glowing appearance
  • Infuses skin with hydration and nutrients

Double cleanse with SkinMTX’s Soothing Cleansing Wash for better results.

This nourishing Lumi Cleansing Milk gently removes makeup and impurities as it rids skin of dead skin cells. It restores balance to the skin by thoroughly purifying and boosting renewal. The non-abrasive exfoliating action of Papaya Extract increases skin’s turnover rate and refines skin texture. Potent lightening actives target skin discoloration and enhance the radiance, clarity and luminosity of skin.

Apply on face and neck then gently massage to remove impurities. Wipe off with a cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water.

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