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Ultimate Fine Line Eraser Moisturiser

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  • The definitive skin smoothener that imbues skin with all the enriching essentials
  • Eradicates signs of aging by significantly decreasing the depth of fine lines
  • Encourages collagen synthesis and prevents the oxidation of skin’s collagen matrix
  • Capably defends skin from free radical damage and other environmental factors

The Ultimate Fine Line Eraser is an advanced round-the-clock companion. It is a result of revolutionized skin care technology designed to enhance skin’s youthfulness. Aimed at defending against the factors responsible for aging, the Ultimate Fine Line Eraser features nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to ensure constant and optimal hydration. Skin will succumb to the luxuriance of this deluxe cocktail as it gets satisfyingly softer, smoother and definitively more divine.

Every morning and evening, apply over thoroughly cleansed and toned face and neck.

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